01 August 2018

Remtron Automation Announcement of DAANET Acquisition

Daanet was formed in 2003 by the then Australian Rockwell Automation Distributors and functioned as a cooperative responsible for representing the latest industrial automation products. Remtron has always been the principal distributor behind the DAANET business. This is because Remtron understood the value that B&R, Secomea and Idem products could deliver to our customers. We are now extremely excited to welcome DAANET into the Remtron Group.

Remtron’s position as a market leader in Factory Automation, Process Control, Energy, Compressed Air and Industrial IT solutions will be further enhanced by DAANET. DAANET’s engineering team are experienced in the field of Industrial Automation, and can advise any business seeking to automate there existing business processes.

The brands DAANET represent are the leaders in Industrial automation:

  • B&R have developed the latest in Automation technology. They offer a wide range of machine controllers, HMI and drive solutions. This Austrian company appeals to OEMs and Manufacturers seeking a fully-featured and easy to use automation platform that is built around secure and reliable software solutions.

  • SECOMEA delivers high-tech IT communication solutions that enable secure, remote access to PLC’s, HMIs and other automation equipment for machine builders, factory owners and utility installations.

  • IDEM's range of Safety Switches provide customers with modern cost effective Machine Safety solutions. The range of "Next Generation" products harness higher reliability, the latest features and are manufactured in materials to provide high durability to cope with the continually increasing demands placed on Machine Safety Devices. Designed and manufactured in the UK these devices provide customers with the highest levels of machine safety.

The addition of the DAANET Geelong office is also a key part of Remtron’s national growth strategy. We are planning for the DAANET Geelong site to develop into a Remtron office which can provide our customers in Western Victoria with local support. This will add to Remtron’s existing network of offices in Melbourne, Gippsland, NSW, Tasmania, and South Australia.

Remtron Automation will continue to Partner first tier brands and solutions, and this new arrangement with DAANET further strengthens its commitment to delivering a one stop experience to the Australian market.

At Remtron we are excited to play a role in sustaining the competiveness of Australian Manufacturing. We look forward to delivering the products and knowledge, that is required by our customers, to remain globally competitive.