07 August 2018

Industry 4.0

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IO-Link: Industry 4.0 for everyone

IO-Link is not just gaining increasing acceptance in an ever greater number of applications – the manufacturer-independent ...more

Digital maintenance of facilities with Smartenance

Preventive facility maintenance is important to prevent problems that can lead to the machine standing still. In many producing plants, ...more

Advanced manufacturing and services the keys to unlock new exports

The keys to unlocking new export opportunities for Australia lie in building advanced manufacturing capability and capitalising on Australia’s ...more

Safe network integration with microScan3

Up to now, functional safety technology in automation has mostly been separated from fieldbuses and Ethernet networks ...more

Packaging machines with digital pneumatics

Coffee, sugar, pharmaceuticals – nowadays, virtually everything is packed in small, low-cost sachets. The flexible flat pouch machine from ...more

The consumer market influences industrial production — Part Two

FDT Group has announced that its emerging FDT IIoT Server (FITS)-based specification has been released for FDT member review ...more