03 July 2020

Experiencing Air Leaks in your factory?

Finally there is a better way......

Leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems hit both production uptime and the operations bottom line.

While this is a known issue, locating air leaks has been a time-consuming and tedious–until now.

Remtron Air have the experience and equipment needed to survey your site for compressed air leaks to assist in locating your air losses and providing a detailed report with photographic images of your air leaks. you will be provided a full spreadsheet of all the leaks for your maintenance team to carry out repairs when time permits.

Our Fluke Industrial Imager offers a new way to locate issues using sound. It is an intuitive tool that can isolate the frequency of leaks or vacuums, even in extremely noisy production environments. a leak location is determined by discerning the direction from which a sound originates by the time delays that occur as the sound passes over an array of microphones. A SoundMap™ is displayed in colour over a visual image allowing for easy visual location. With the full array of microphones, it is easy to scan a large area and even capture leaks from a distance.

Many areas within factories cannot be inspected due to safety barriers. Our imager now can review hazardous areas for leaks from a distance beyond the barriers when the machines are operational, correctly identifying leaks that cannot be detected when the machine is off and entry is permitted to the hazardous zone once locked out. The images we provide beyond the barrier can be advantageous when improving air efficiencies across your plant.

Today’s problem: up to 40% of the worlds industrial energy is lost due to leaks in the compressed air system. Globally billions of dollars vanish due to energy loss and downtime associated with low air pressure. Previous methods for locating industrial air leaks were time consuming, required training and worst of all, often required downtime – the very thing everyone works to avoid.

Contact us today to have your factory reviewed for air leaks. We will provide you a complete list of all the leaks identified with photographic images reflecting its location which will enable your maintenance teams to carry out repairs. Our team will start from the compressors, receivers, dryer & filters to the ring main through to the machine filters, valves and cylinders and ensure we cover a comprehensive survey of your site.

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