Phoenix Contact


Remtron supplies Phoenix Contact’s range of connection, interface and automation solutions, including:

Automation Solutions

  • PCB Connection Technology & Electronic Housings
  • Connection Technology for Field Devices
  • Modular Terminal Blocks
  • Sensors/Actuator Cabling & Industry Plug Connectors
  • Marking Systems, Tools & Mounting Material
  • Surge Protection & Power Supply Units
  • Interface Technology & Switching Devices
  • Control Technology, I/O Systems & Automation Infrastructure
  • Electronic Switchgear and Motor Control
  • HMIs and industrial PCs
  • PCB Terminal Blocks and PCB connectors

Phoenix Contact’s rugged, high performance industrial data communication technology and network solutions are designed to meet the demands of modern process applications.

Remtron supplies Phoenix Contact’s Industrial Ethernet products offering unrivalled flexibility, performance, consistency, and speed:

Industrial Ethernet

  • Installation technology
  • Network management software
  • Ethernet extenders and hubs
  • Routers and switches (managed and unmanaged) - Media converters
  • Serial device servers, gateways and proxies
  • Cyber security

Further Information
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