B&R Automation


Perfection in Automation.

B&R is one of the largest automation providers focused on product and software-based, open-architecture solutions for machine and factory automation worldwide.

B&R was acquired by ABB in 2017, assisting to secure the group’s leadership position in end-to-end machine and factory automation.
Remtron is pleased to be your supplier of B&R automation products, covering:

  • Alarm Management
  • Barcode & RFID
  • Cables, Wiring & Connectors
  • Drives
  • Industrial PLCs/PACs/PCs
  • HMIs
  • I/O Systems
  • Mobility
  • Motion Control Systems
  • Motors
  • Networking & Connectivity
  • Power Supplies
  • Process Control systems
  • Robotics
  • Safety technology

Further Information
Visit B&R Automation for more information on B&R’s product range.